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Welcome to Violino Ristorante Italiano

At Violino Ristorante – cooking is a family business.

Originally from the Northern Italian region of Friuli, Franco started culinary school in Venice in 1968. When he married Marcella, who is from Torino, they moved to San Remo and started a family.

In 1985, Franco moved to Washington, D.C. where he honed his style of classical and contemporary Northern Italian cooking at several local Italian restaurants.

While working as a chef for other restaurateurs, Franco and Marcella dreamed of one day owning their own restaurant.

As they searched for the perfect location for their restaurant they happened upon Winchester, Virginia. While walking down the Loudoun Street Mall they spotted a building for lease in the mall. A mysterious woman (who was never seen again) approached them as they surveyed the building and informed them that the owner of the building was eating in a restaurant nearby. Franco and Marcella met the owner, and purchased the building.

They felt that coming to Winchester was their destiny and in the spring of 1996, Franco and Marcella, together with their children, opened Violino Ristorante Italiano.

Franco, together with his son Riccardo and their excellent staff, pride themselves on producing made-from-scratch, creative, culinary dishes that delight their patrons.

But the true essence of Violino, what truly makes Violino the experience that it is, is the sense of family that is deeply felt throughout the restaurant by patrons as well as the staff.

From the moment that you walk through the door you are welcomed into the Stocco family. They share their food with you, their music with you, and they wrap you in unsurpassed hospitality.

So come join the Stocco family for an afternoon or an evening of home-made Italian cuisine, and warm hospitality that is a rare gem in our time.

Buon Appetito!

Owners Franco and Marcella at the annual taste of town to benefit the Winchester free clinic. Violino won the peoples choice awrd for best food!